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Wealth Management

Have you already maxed out your retirement account annual contributions or looking for alternative investment strategies? Maybe you recently sold a large asset like a house or a business and want to invest some of the proceeds.

The first step with any new client is determining what your investment objectives are. Are these funds earmarked to be used on short notice for the purchase of another large asset, or is capital appreciation your primary goal? Time horizon and risk tolerance also play crucial roles. Do you want to invest this money for a short amount of time or is your time frame open ended? And can you stomach 10% quarterly fluctuations or 30% annual ones?

These primary factors can give us enough insight to create a customized portfolio for you. Constant surveillance of the global economy, to include political, fiscal, and monetary risks, coupled with a formalized investment plan allow us to help you make well-informed, emotion-free decisions. Meeting on a consistent basis and maintaining an open-door communication policy with our clients helps ensure that we are up-to-date on our clients' lives and allows us to adjust their investments and strategies to accommodate any changes.

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